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Golden Globes Advice Exaggeration Film Ticket Sales and Boost TV Ratings

Whether you're anything adoration me, you were sitting on your sofa on Monday, Jan 15th watching the Golden Environment Awards to distinguish which of your favourite stars, movies and television shows would share house awards. (And, to clock what each was wearing!) This year's pageantry did not disappoint. Newcomer America Ferrara, from the recent ABC exposition Dogface Betty, took household a Crowing Actress award. Jennifer Hudson, of American God fame, won her front Golden Field for her supporting role in the movie Dreamgirls. Some out of date timers were further honored, such as Meryl Streep for The Satan Wears Prada. For the all-inclusive information of this year's Golden World winners see:

One of the side belongings of winning a Golden Globe, or dependable lifetime nominated, can be an accretion in ticket sales and theater exposure, for those respective movies. Films that most folks chalk up not seen, or yet seen previews for, objective up getting the exposure they desideratum and deserve. Citizens are going to their theatre and watching films they wouldn't get usually seen, had these films not admit gained notoriety due to their consummation at the Golden Globes.

According to, The Fox Searchlight film "The At the end Caesar of Scotland" is reaping the benefits due to Forest Whitaker winning the Golden Nature for elite actor in a drama, for his portrayal of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. The film expanded its theatre exposure to 495 theatres, and took in an estimated $1.8 million the weekend next the broadcast of the Golden Globes.

"Babel", starring Brad Pitt, won for finest drama, and increased its ticket sales by 500% the weekend adjacent the awards. The theatre "The Queen", which won 2 awards, again axiom a blimp lift, jumping up to the 9th spot at the box office, an accession of 233 percent! Several of these Golden Earth winning films and actors retain received Oscar nominations, and are expected to accept repeat performances when the Oscars air on Feb 25.

Television shows are very seeing an escalation in viewers due to their accolades at the Golden Globes. According to Media Week, Disfigured Betty, which won the Golden Glove for Bad TV comedy, drew its largest audience in over 3 months good three days after its win. Grey's Anatomy, which won for Chief Drama, and won its bout slot on the Thursday later their win.

That existence said, it does not tight Beast Betty, Grey's Anatomy, or any winning or nominated TV show, testament perform that beefy for the faraway haul. The networks conclude a capital calling of creating buzz for their awarding winning shows, on the other hand it does not always work. According to, an unscientific gaze at the bygone 10 elderliness of TV winners at the Golden Globes in the Prime Drama, Blessing Comedy and Boon Actor and Actress categories indicates the award nearly never delivers a close ratings pop. In fact, bounteous TV shows decline in ratings after winning. Ultimate year's First-rate Acting winner, "Lost," is down 18 percent so far this season.

So, will television's winners keep continuing authority the the rest of the television season? Will the Golden Area movie winners compass repeat performances at the Oscars in February? We'll decent posses to tune in and see!

The 64th annual Golden Universe Awards were held on January 15th. The Golden Existence Awards canonization the year's top films and TV shows, and are presented by the Hollywood Non-native Press Association.


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